Welcome to Evening Pet Clinic

We will be open as long as we feel we can provide service in a safe manner. We will be having a reduced appointment schedule to keep our clients as safe as possible. We will have to limit the number of people that can enter our office at one time. We may offer some service from their cars. We are sorry for any inconvenience , but the safety of our staff and client demands this action.

Dr. Douglas Hardy has been working part time with me for over a year. Many of you have already met him. He will be taking a larger role in our practice. Age and health have dictated that I cannot work the many hours that I have for the last 40 years. I have known Dr. Hardy many years. He comes from a veterinary family. His late father was a veterinarian and a good friend and he has 2 brothers that are practicing vets. Dr. Hardy is a very knowledgeable and skilled vet. However, just as important to me is the fact that he is a kind, considerate and compassionate person. I know that once you get to know Dr. Hardy , you will really like him too.
Thank you and may God bless all of you.
E. Grain , Jr., DVM

Caring for your pets

Evening Pet Clinic, located at 6803 Cherry Avenue in Long Beach has been providing quality veterinary services to pets in the Long Beach area since 1978.  We provide full veterinary services in all areas of medicine, surgery and dentistry.

Our goal is compassionate and caring service for each pet and personal attention for each owner. Dr. Hardy and his staff will make every effort to give each pet the best possible care and each owner the best possible service.

Whether administering preventive vaccines, diagnosing an illness, treating an injury or performing surgery, you can trust Evening Pet Clinic for all your veterinary needs.

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